Shaky Head Goggle Eye


Our Light Tackle Lures have been proven to win numerous tournaments, put fish in the box, and bring lines tight in every season.  The Hula Momma and Exotic Dancer will always be in our spread, no matter the condition, and they've earned their spot by catching countless, quality fish. SAO uses the highest grade polyurethane heads that are guaranteed to never chip, break, or discolor. Our skirts are handmade in North Carolina, and are held in the highest regard in the fishing community. SAO's Custom Lures have been tried, tested, and proven to be the best lure on the market, period.

Model: Shaky Head

Action: Plunger styled head that swims in a tight wobble

Color: Goggle Eye

Length: 8 inches

Rigged Tackle: 7/0 Hook