Marlin Magnet Spanish Mackerel Pattern

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Our Heavy Tackle Lures have been proven to win numerous tournaments, put fish in the box, and bring lines tight every season.  The Hemingway and Marlin Magnet are the lures of choice for all of our die hard billfish teams, captains, and charters.  SAO Heavy Tackle Lures have not only helped win tournaments worldwide, but also hold the current Bahamas blue marlin record (1119 lbs). SAO uses the highest grade polyurethane heads that are guaranteed to never chip, break, or discolor. Our skirts are handmade in North Carolina, and are held in the highest regard in the fishing community. SAO's Custom Lures have been tried, tested, and proven to be the best lure on the market, period.

Model: Marlin Magnet

Action: Flat styled head that holds a true line in any condition

Color: Spanish Mackerel Pattern

Length: 15 inches